Beaver Tails

{nomultithumb}beavertailmandolinA Wise man once said: “WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS IS A GREAT 25 cent MANDOLIN!”.

And even though, admittedly, priced a little higher than 25 cents we believe the BEAVERTAIL fits the bill.

Constructed of all solid domestic and imported woods, made to the same exacting standards as all Sawchyn instruments, completely handmade and CNC free!

In our opinion the sound, playability, materials, workmanship and finish surpass any mandolin in this price range.

Enjoy the Beavertail Mandolin as an entry to playing the mandolin or play it for a lifetime, you will be proud to own one of the finest flattop mandolins available.

Want to spiff up the Beavertail? No problem we can add numerous upgrades to specialize your Beavertail Mandolin into one good looking mandolin! You can see pictures of some of our Deluxe Beavertails in the Gallery, just look for AN-85DLX.