testimonialThanks alot for this beautiful mandolin! It was worth the wait. Had the set-up done through Mike McLeod and it plays like butter,and sounds amazing. Looking forward to anotherone from you. Thanks once again for this great mandolin.! D.W. Spreckles, California.

testimonialMy Sawchyn AH-5 Mandola has arrived in Pacific in perfect condition. It is a lovely piece of work,and the sound is surprisingly mellow, not strident at all. You have delivered exactly what I requested in every resect. I am at a loss for superlatives. S.R. Pacific, MO.

testimonialI just purchased one of your A-5 mandolins from the Acoustic Guitar Store in Calgary. I am Totally impressed with this instrument,it easily out classes other instruments selling at twice the price and more. Thank-you for building such an excellent mandolin. Many Thanks. E.E. Calgary, Alberta.

testimonialPeter, the O-2 came yesterday. It was well worth the wait. It is absolutely beautiful to the eye and the ear as well. I recently lost a mandolin that I thought could not be replaced. I no longer miss it.I look forward to ordering an octave mandolin from you in the next couple of years. Thanks for a remarkable instrument. P.D. Neshanic, New Jersey.

testimonialIt’s only right to tell you that tht SD-85 guitar I bought 11/2 weeks ago is the finest guitar I’ve ever played , bar none. I was not looking for a guitar the day I walked into Mothers Music ,Saskatoon, and picked it off the wall. I knew right away .The words that jumped into my head within the first 2 strums were “rich”,”well-balanced”,and “wonderful”.The SD-85 absolutely excels in clarity,warmth, consistency, sustain,balance,brilliance,wood choices, workmanship,pure volume,finish,and that certain “something” that I can’t find the words for. I’ve tried a number of guitars since then as a reality check ,and they sound truly one dimensional in comparison. Even the case is good ,providing a nice close fit. My long quest is over,Thank-you. J.L. Winnipeg,Manitoba.

testimonialI just wanted to ... say that the A-5 I got from you almost two years ago is the finest instrument I have ever owned. It is well played and well taken care of,I assure you! A.H. Vancouver , British Columbia.

About Sawchyn Guitars

Thanks for your interest in a Sawchyn guitar or mandolin. Instrument making is an exacting process that involves a clear understanding of structure and acoustics in relation to the physical properties of wood.

With this in mind I personally carry out each step of a Sawchyn instruments construction, from selecting the wood, carving and voicing the top, to polishing out the finish and setting the action. This personal attention ensures a high degree of detail is present in each instrument I build.

Hand-made Guitars and Mandolins for over 40 years

DS 4--Sawchyn Guitars--S-2

When I began making instruments 4  decades ago, few manuals books on courses on instrument making existed. I quickly learned that by studying the design and construction methods of many old and proven instruments I soon understood the reason why "classics" existed.

Not only do these instruments have a harmony in exterior design but a functional and efficient interior construction, and, even if manufactured always had that little extra, the touch of the craftsman.

I have endeavoured over the past years to build that same beauty and simplicity of craftsmanship into all of my instruments. Concentrating on the interior construction I have refined my guitar bracing to emulate and hopefully surpass the great pre-war guitars so sought after today.

My mandolins also have the exacting and careful graduations in the carved top and back that the famous mandolins of the 1920's have.

The Exteriors of all Sawchyn instruments have graceful lines and a subdued amount of inlay and decoration. The beauty remains in the wood, the finish and the workmanship.

Peter SawchynThe results are very evident. Guitars that respond to a subtle touch or a heavy attack, yet keep clarity and definition in their tonal character, and mandolins that respond quickly and evenly with power and grace.

In repeating what great vintage instruments have in their favour I am not attempting to duplicate them, but take the superb qualities that exist in them and build these qualities into a modern instrument for the future.

This may be a "golden age" of instrument making, I hope my work is helping to make it so.

Sawchyn Guitars Expands to New Retail Space

Where else can you find a store that not only sells handmade acoustic stringed instruments, but also offers an intimate retail experience and provides an exceptional repair and restoration service? 

IMG 2171301866 10150763869485972 678985971 11311412 2141031747 n

In March of 2011, Peter Allan Sawchyn of Sawchyn Guitars, ventured out and opened a retail store at 2131 Dewdney Avenue in Regina’s Warehouse District. This store is one-of-a kind in Western Canada as it encompasses all three important aspects of instrument ownership.

Sawchyn Guitars provides custom designed handmade guitars and mandolins for someone with discerning taste, quality factory guitars for someone just learning to play, strings and accessories for most stringed instruments and a repair shop that offers everything from a simple setup to a full restoration.

With this new store Peter Allan Sawchyn provides customers with a relaxed environment in which they can try the wide selection of new and vintage instruments, as well as speak one on one with with Peter himself regarding custom built instruments and repairs. With over 40 years of experience and craftsmanship, and a mixture of new and vintage instruments. Sawchyn Guitars will not disappoint.

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